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Isabelle grew up on a farm in Central Western NSW and  loves everything nature related, from dogs to mud pies. She studies Advanced Science and Commerce at UNSW, where she majors in Genetics and Accounting. Isabelle signed a publishing contract with EK Books in 2020 for her first book, Cookie, when she was 18. Cookie was released in October 2021.

She is inspired by her gorgeous border collie Saffy, her love of the bush and her memories of growing up on the farm.

Isabelle is passionate about mental health awareness and hopes her books can help start conversations around scary feelings and mental illness with kids, helping to reduce stigma.  

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Cookie is Isabelle's first book, inspired by her own experiences with mental illness and her beautiful dog, Saffy. 

Illustrated by the fabulous Susannah Crispe, Cookie is a story about the power of friendship in healing all things.

Cookie was shortlisted for the Forevability Awards in 2021, in the Open Picture Book Category.

Released October 2021.


Cookie loves lots of things, like smelling smelly smells, chewing chewy things, going for adventures and making friends. 

But most of all, Cookie loves Girl. 

Join this inseparable pair as they play together and learn how to make each other happy, 

even on the days when Cookie is the only one who can make Girl smile.

the real cowgirl

Isabelle's second book, The Real Cowgirl, is due for release in early 2024.

Illustrated by Susannah Crispe and published by EK Books, The Real Cowgirl deals with anxiety, courage and the power of friendship.  

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